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The Adjustment Method of 3d Wire Bending Machine

The 3d wire bending machine is widely used in petrochemical shipbuilding, pressure vessel, machinery manufacturing and other operations. I believe if you use it for the first time you mgiht not know its operation. Below, I will introduce the adjustment methods of the three-dimensional bending machine.

1. Adjustment of the upper limit of the slider: Adjusting the position of the striker can make the rising slider stay at the desired top dead center position, which can shorten the stroke distance of the slider, reduce the working cycle time, and improve productivity. 

2. Adjust the gap between upper and lower die:

A. Operate the button on the button box at the bottom right of the workbench and operate in the direction indicated by the label. The initial adjustment gap should be greater than the plate thickness, and the gap should be trimmed according to the angle of the folded workpiece. The handwheel can also be used for fine adjustment, and the adjustment value is displayed by the calculator.

B. If the two ends of the workpiece angle are inconsistent, you can loosen the nails, move the connecting rod to the left, disconnect the left and right rotating connection, and turn the handwheel to change the distance of the mechanical limit at one end to achieve the purpose of fine-tuning the angle of the workpiece end.

C. If the two ends of the workpiece angle are the same, but the middle angle is inconsistent, this can make the upper mold fine-tuning device. When using fine-tuning, put the upper mold close to the lower mold slot, slightly loosen the screws on the middle upper mold connection template and the adjustment block, and then The adjustment block on the upper part of the middle section. At the place where the middle angle is small, make the upper die protrude appropriately, tighten the supporting nails, and try to fold until the full-length angle of the workpiece reaches the allowable value. 

3. Adjustment of bending force of 3d wire bending machine: Calculate the KN value of the sheet bending force in the table or according to the bending force calculation formula, and calculate the indicated pressure value according to the table , and then adjust the handwheel of the overflow valve to make the force slightly greater than the folding plate. 

4. Adjustment of back gauge distance: The back gauge is used for positioning in the length direction when the sheet is bent. The button on the front button box controls the motor adjustment. The adjustment value can be read from the revolution table on the button box. The conversion value of the revolution table is 0.1mm/revolution, and a hand wheel for fine adjustment. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China