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TDF Flange Forming Machine

TDF flange forming machine is the special equipment for flange forming at the plate connection port of air duct. The common plate flange system can be used in large-scale industrial production, and it is a high-efficiency air pipe flange system. It has good rigidity and stability, and the shape of motion forming is beautiful and flat. It can form a simple and automatic air duct production line with the combination of rib press, plate shear, flange flanging machine, etc. the structure of the machine is rigorous and the performance is good, which saves a lot of costs for customers.


The common plate flange system is one of the systems with a large amount of flange connection in the world, which has the characteristics of low cost, good sealing performance and simple and convenient installation, especially suitable for the production of air ducts with small cross-section area.

Frame part:

It is welded from profiles and plates, with good rigidity. The worktable is equipped with a fixed bracket, which is convenient to replace the shaking instability of hand-held plates. Moreover, it is easy to operate, load and unload, and greatly reduces the labor force of workers.

Movement part:

It is composed of speed reducer, roller part and feed and discharges adjustment part, with a rigorous and stable structure. The motor drives the speed reducer to operate, and then the speed reducer is transmitted to the roller group. The upper and lower rollers move at the same time to roll the angle movement, and there is a backer at the feeding place for adjustment, which is the natural rolling and pressing out of the plate.

Drive system:

The motor is installed at the bottom of the rack, the main components are installed on the electrical box cover, the electrical box is installed under the rack at the discharge end, and the box cover can be removed for maintenance. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China