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Camless Spring Machine

MYT focuses on the manufacturing of CNC camless spring machine, CNC spring coiling machine, CNC wire bending machine for 16 years. A special Camless design equipped with custom tooling enables our series of spring machines to easily produce a variety of springs and wire forms. Utilizes double rail guides to facilitate lasting accuracy on slide movements. Advanced attachments such as an x-y free arm and a second spinner tool can be optionally equipped. Machine architecture provides automatic fault detection and warning system. Dual spinner support and an x-y free arm attachment add versatility to setups. Compared with the CNC spring coiling machine, the camless machine basically uses a servo motor, which can independently control each station. The method of debugging is just a lot more convenient and convenient. This is a camless machine and a cam. The first major advantage compared to the machine.

Camless Spring Machine For Sale

Camless Spring Making Machine
CNC Camless wire spring machine adopts a unique camless and no rocker design. It is independently controlled by multiple groups of servo motors and has powerful expansion.
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In addition, the position of the arm of the cam machine is basically relatively fixed, and space inside is smaller than that of the cam machine, so many models of machines are very difficult to adjust, and the phenomenon of knife collision often occurs. As for the camless machine, its arm can be disassembled and assembled at any position on the panel, so that the product's running track can be staggered, thereby avoiding the phenomenon of knife collision. This is a rollerless machine and a cam machine. The second advantage of comparison.

When making heterosexual springs, when the cam machine of the CNC spring machine is working, one motor can drive all the cams, and all the cams must run once for every action; this is not the case with the camless machine. Its arm can work alone, the stroke can be set at will, there is no extra action, and the speed is also very fast. This is the third advantage of the camless machine compared with the cam machine. In addition, the camless spring machine is easy to operate. Generally speaking, it only takes 2-5 days of training time to operate the machine. Regarding after-sales service, we can provide online guidance through video. If customers need, we can also send engineers on-site guidance.

Measures to Maintain the Accuracy of Camless Spring Machine

In terms of the performance of the spring machine, the cam-free spring machine adopts a cam-free and rocker-free design, which is independently controlled by multiple sets of dedicated service motors. The cam-less and rocker-less design is 50% faster than traditional cam machines.


The camless spring machine adopts intelligent module operation and can automatically detect and alarm. Windows window operation, Chinese and English display, easy to learn and use. Most of the operations are completed by the computer, which brings a great burden to the operator. Of course, this performance is inextricably linked to the brand of the product, and the brand's large products are more secure in this part.


Secondly, there is no rolling guide on the camless spring machine, so the accuracy can be maintained for a long time. There is no collision machine and heat, the composite tool completes all the processes, and the tool loss is low. It is suitable for the production of high-precision spring products for entertainment and fitness equipment such as automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and wire forming vehicles.


The production and processing of the spring is not difficult. It is not easy to maintain and will not pollute the surface of the spring. Once the surface of the spring is contaminated, it is troublesome to handle, but it cannot be said that it cannot be handled. For the spring surface, the following treatments can generally be carried out:


Such as black (blue), phosphating, electroplating, spraying, etc. In recent years, the zinc-chromium film Dacromet has appeared. The protective layer has excellent corrosion resistance, which is 7-10 times that of the conventional electroplating layer, and there is no hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon in the electroplating process. Strong adhesion, especially suitable for surface protection of elastic materials.


The main features and uses of surface treatment are anti-corrosion oxidation treatment and blackening. The blue ordinary spring protection is generally kept in the air for 3 months, and the electroplating is used for higher protection. The general air medium protection is 3 months to 2 years. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China