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MYT company has over 15 years of manufacturing and exporting experience in sheet metal processing machines. We has been committed to providing advanced sheet metal processing machine series to our customers. As for our machines, we have mainly six types of series, including HVAC duct machine, press brake, CNC cutting machine, metal bending machine, camless spring machine and CNC punching machine. These sheet metal processing machine series are widely used in many industrial fields and applications.

MYT company pursues advanced technology and comprehensive services to customers. We are looking forward to giving advanced, cost-effective, reliable and convenient machines to you, so that you can have great experience about MYT company and our sheet metal processing machines. We will support you with customized machines according to your requirements

MYT HVAC duct machine simplifies manual operation by completing a series of mature technological processes such as leveling, beading, notching, cutting, flange formation, and folding, thereby greatly improving production efficiency. MYT company helps customers to choose the most suitable HVAC duct machines. So we have different types of HVAC duct machines, including HVAC automatic duct production line, rectangular duct forming machine, spiral duct forming machine, round duct making machines for you.
MYT NC and CNC press brake realize the bending function by controlling the back gauge and slide stroke. MYT chooses the most advanced driving mode of the hydraulic, and servo-hydraulic. CNC press brake equipped with elctro-hydraulic servo system to control left and right side of cylinder. We promise we can provide fast quick clamp for CNC press brake for you.
CNC cutting machine including shearing machine, CNC fiber laser cutting machine, band saw machine and so on. They are widely used in light industry, construction, ship building, electrical appliances, chemical, automobile part. Our laser cutting machine can cut various metal materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and choose different power products according to different thicknesses.
MYT brand bending machine consists of several types, like 2D/3D wire bending machine,3 roller or 4 roller plate bending machine, CNC pipe bending machine, profile bending machine, hydraulic pan brake folder, hydraulic embossing press machine and roof tile roll forming machine. We can offer these different types of metal bending machines with precise results.
MYT Company offers CNC camless spring machine and CNC spring coiling machines to you. A special Camless design equipped with custom tooling enables our series of spring machines to easily produce a variety of springs and wire forms. Compared with the CNC spring coiling machine, the camless machine basically uses a servo motor, which can independently control each station.
CNC punching machine relies on high-tech DT and DE series of MYT new turret punch presses. MYT can provide you with three types of CNC punching machines, including CNC servo turret punching machine, CNC mechanical turret punching machine and CNC power press machine. Our CNC punching machine has the characteristics of high-efficiency, energy-saving, low-noise, high-accuracy, and can realize much processing like cutting, forming, rolling, lettering, and so on.

Benefits of Sheet Metal Machine

Sheet metal is becoming one of the most widely used building materials, mainly due to its adaptability and affordability. There are many different sheet metal machines on the market for the metal manufacturing and the speed at which the project needs to be completed. Here are some of the most common methods and their benefits.

1. Bending machine

Bending machines are one of the most common types of sheet metal machine. Commonly used for cutting and forming materials, high-quality breaking allows people to create many different shapes and sizes in a safe and effective manner. According to your preferences, bending machines are usually provided in mechanical and hydraulic forms. Because of their versatility, some people prefer hydraulic machines to hydraulic machines. Although hydraulic presses may be more expensive, they are also more user-friendly.

2. Shredded gadgets

A useful tool for cutting large and small metals into different shapes and sizes is the cutting tool. Similar to a pair of scissors, the two blades generate a shearing force in the machine, so they are cut straight every time. There are hydraulic and mechanical shearing instruments, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. For large projects, it is best to use a hydraulic press. However, they also need routine maintenance, which is something to consider before performing maintenance.

3. Bending tool

Bending machines can be used to mold metals into specific shapes and sizes. In order to stretch the paper into the required shape or size, the bending tool uses a set of mechanical or hydraulic rollers. Make sure you understand the requirements of bending equipment, some of which are designed for bending air, while others are designed for folding.



How to Choose Sheet Metal Machine

1. The quality of the parts produced

This is the quality of mechanical parts. Quality can be measured by precision, bad parts/good parts ratio, and can again depend on the selected manufacturer’s experience in producing specific goods.

2. Productivity

It is the productivity of the machine in meters/minute/hour, parts/minute/hour. This figure should also take into account the efficiency figures.

3. Sustainable development and "green" technology

In recent years, sustainability has become one of the key criteria for selecting production technologies. Facts have proved that "green" technologies such as servo-electric presses have lower power consumption and reduce maintenance efforts by eliminating or greatly reducing the amount of hydraulic oil used. In addition, new production lines (for example, feeding coils into the production line) can ensure that the same number of products are produced while saving a lot of raw materials.

All these results prove lower operating costs and lower cost per piece-this is a huge advantage, not only can reduce the payback period, but also can produce additional cash in the next few years after the completion of the machine amortization flow.

In addition, because there are no oil and hydraulic components, these technologies have proven to be more reliable over the years and reduce the final disposal cost of the equipment.

4. Effectiveness

The efficiency of the machine takes into account the time required to load and unload the machine: for example, the hit rate of the machine may be high per minute, but loading/unloading of the machine's raw materials may take a lot of time.

5. Maintainability

This standard means that servicing the machine is very simple. For example, it should evaluate the existence of remote service facilities, the structure of supplier services, and the possibility of repairing machines by internal maintenance personnel.

6. Easy to use

Different sheet metal manufacturing companies have emphasized the fact that even without professionals, machines and systems should be easy to use. In today's work environment, this is very important. In this environment, no company can rely on machine operators.

7. Flexibility

Flexibility refers to the ability of a machine to prepare different types of products. In this case, a more flexible machine will have a shorter setup time and can switch from one product to another. Should also consider the frequency of production changes, and whether the establishment time will also affect the efficiency of the entire system.

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