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Pittsburgh Lock Forming Machine


The utility model can meet the requirements of various bone types of different shapes manufactured by air ducts. The thickness of processed plate is 0.5-1.5mm. All gears, shafts and rollers of the machine are made of high-quality steel. After strict heat treatment process, the machine is durable and stable in quality. It is easy to install, beautiful in appearance, reasonable in mechanical principle, flexible in movement, convenient in operation and use, and can meet different requirements of users. Pittsburgh lock forming machine is suitable for air duct production of ventilation, air conditioning, purification and other devices. According to the requirements, it can be made into a variety of square, rectangular thin plate air ducts. It is an indispensable mechanical equipment for various sheet metal processing, air duct production and so on.

Structure composition:

1. The forming part mainly refers to the host part, and the core part is the roll. When there is too much feed between the two rollers or when it enters into the rollers, it is extruded and formed.

2. The feeding part is mainly manual feeding, which uses the gap between rolls to feed.

3. Transmission part, main transmission system: Motor - triangle belt - one reducer - Open Gear - roller. The main engine is powered by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor and transmitted to the driving shaft through the belt pulley, cylindrical gear reducer and bar pin coupling.

Using points

1. The thickness of undercut plate shall be within the range of products of various specifications. If it is less than the minimum thickness, it is easy to crack and wrinkle when undercut; if it is greater than the maximum thickness, because the square of the thickness of the plate is inversely proportional, it will cause abnormal damage to the forming roller due to the greater bending force, and the transmission system will be overloaded and blocked.

2. The minimum length of the undercut section of the sheet shall not be less than 300mm, otherwise the degree resistance of undercut caused by too little fighting between the sheet and the forming roller is greater than the friction force of the sheet fed forward, which makes the sheet slip between the forming rollers and accelerates the wear of the forming part of the roller.

3. Before use, the feeding guide rail shall be debugged in strict accordance with the debugging requirements of the equipment, and the feeding guide rail shall be firmly adjusted to the designated position size. If the actual position of the feed guide rail is smaller than the designated position size, the undercut will not be formed; if it is larger than the designated position size, because the feed is too wide, the undercut size will be out of tolerance, resulting in the two sheets unable to undercut or waste materials; if the feed guide rail is inclined and tense, it is easy to produce the defect of uneven deviation before and after the undercut width.

4. The processing ability of Pittsburgh lock forming machine is based on the plan of processing ordinary steel plate. Ordinary steel plate, galvanized steel plate and plastic composite steel plate often used have excellent undercut forming function. The strength of the stainless steel plate is higher than that of the ordinary steel plate. Before using the stainless steel plate to bite the mouth, the first step is to make the forming practice, so as to avoid overloading the equipment, causing excessive wear or disorder of the machine. Because of the poor plasticity of the aluminum plate, it is easy to crack during the undercut forming. Before the construction, the forming experiment should also be carried out. At the same time, due to the lack of elasticity of the aluminum plate, the air duct of the aluminum plate cannot be undercut by snap type.

5. The adjustment of the radial reserved clearance of the upper and lower forming rollers not only requests the tightness to be consistent, but also requires the front and back to be the same. If the reserved gap is too small and feeding is difficult, even after forced feeding, the undercut cracks are tight; if the reserved gap is too large, the undercut shape is irregular or the sheet slips between the forming rollers. When stainless steel plate or aluminum plate is used for undercut, the reserved radial clearance shall be larger than that required for steel plate of the same thickness, otherwise, the equipment will be overloaded or the undercut will crack. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China