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Maintenance Methods of Electric Shearing Machine

The electric shearing machine adopts resistance-key clutch structure and open gear transmission, and applies more advanced electrical appliances operation (pedal switch, manual switch). It produces low noise and is convenient to operate and maintain. It is exclusively steel made, with simple structure, easy operation, beautiful appearance and low energy consumption.

Features of electric shearing machine

An electric shearing machine features compact structure, easiness to carry, low cost, simple operation and high efficiency, capable to shear all metal and non-metal plates with thickness of 1.5mm. It is also called metal plate cutting machine. If necessary accessories (such as adsorption device) are added or it is modified, the original features can be further improved and then expanded.

Electric shearing machines mainly cut irregular graphics. In theory, as long as the graphics can be drawn by AutoCAD, they can be cut out by shearing machines. 

Maintenance of electric shearing machine:

1. Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

2. Before each starting up, add lubricating oil regular, in terms of period, position and amount according to the requirements of the lubrication chart. The oil shall be clean and free of sediments.

3. The machine tool must always be kept clean, and paint the the unpainted part with antirust grease.

4. The lubricating oil in the motor bearing should be replaced and filled regularly, and the electrical parts should be checked regularly to see if they work normally, safely and reliably.

5. Regularly check whether the triangle belt, handle, knob and key are damaged. Replace the worn ones in time and report to spare parts department for supplement.

6. Regularly check and repair the switch, fuse and handle to ensure their reliability.

7. Lubricate and clean the machine tool 10 minutes before getting off work every day.

8. Only designated personnel is allowed to operate the equipment, and it is necessary to stop the machine when people is away from machine. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China