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Is There a Big Difference between Duct Manufacturing Auto Line III 3 and Line 5 ?

The types of duct production lines on the market mainly include the auto line 1, auto line 2, auto line 3, auto line 4 and auto line 5 of the duct production line. The overall difference between the five production lines is not very large, but only in the details. Before talking about the differences between the five air duct production lines, we need to know how a complete air duct production line works, which helps us better understand the difference between the types of air duct production lines.

A complete duct production line should perform the following functions.

1. Coil material selection and unloading function: 2-6 kinds of coils of different thickness or material can be selected;

2. Compaction and flatness function: This function is an adjustment process before the processing of the coil material to prevent the generation of waste materials;

3. Punching, cutting corner, grooving function: This function can complete the production of the air duct mounting hole to avoid the inconvenience caused by the later punching;

4. Cutting function: This function removes the sheet from the coil and performs the next processing;

5. Transfer function; convenient for the automatic processing of the next process;

6. Locking function: This function realizes the pressing operation of the sheet material and makes the joint angle;

7. TDF flange forming; this function is a key step in making double-sided common plate flanges;

8. Duct folding: This is the last process. After this process, the duct has been formed.

After understanding the production steps of the duct, we began to understand the difference between the five production lines.


Mainly as follows: auto duct line 1, the biggest difference is that there is no punching and punching corner; auto duct line 2 , mainly can not be folded, the last process is shearing and cutting; the last process of auto duct line 3 is folding the rectangle and formed by a square and there is no common plate flange; auto duct line 4, TDF flange is formed, but metal sheet can not be formed into square ; auto duct line 5, double TDF flange air duct is formed once, the degree of automation is very high.


MTY auto duct line characteristics are:

1. Small footprint, straight processing, high production efficiency, and the ability to manufacture small-section “mouth” word ducts.

2. The minimum cross-section processing can be as small as 200×200mm common plate flange duct. Mainly complete the processing of the common plate flange straight pipe, the daily processing capacity is more than 1500 square meters.

3, TDF flange duct as long as the input size, production line automatically complete the coiling, leveling, pressing, angle, shear, joint bite, common plate flange forming, folding square forming. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China