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Introduction to Installation Process of Rectangular Duct Machine

In the 21st century, with the development of social economy, science and technology, and the rapid development of social industrialization, more and more high-tech products appear in people's lives. Do you know something about comfortable household products, such as rectangular duct machine?

Installation process of rectangular duct machine:

1. Measure the size of four holes of indoor machine hook, mark the ceiling, and drill four holes according to the marks. Insert M10 expansion bolt into the hole.

2. Install the hook on the indoor unit.

3. Install the indoor unit on the ceiling. According to the installation space, install the top surface of the rectangular air duct close to the ceiling.

4. Pay attention to the opening on the ceiling. The ceiling may need to be reinforced to keep the ceiling flat and prevent the ceiling from vibration. Please consult the user or builder for details.

If the strength of the ceiling is not enough, angle iron can be used to build a beam support, and the unit can also be fixed on the beam.

After the indoor unit is installed, the level of the whole unit must be tested, so that the unit must be placed horizontally before and after. Size of air supply outlet and air return outlet, pay special attention to the size of air return outlet, which shall not be less than the specified size, otherwise it is easy to cause noise.

When selecting high static pressure air duct type indoor unit, it is necessary to connect air ducts. The length of air ducts and the number of air outlets can be determined according to the static pressure requirements. It is not required to connect air supply pipe for ordinary static pressure air duct indoor unit and ultra thin air duct indoor unit. According to the actual installation needs, the lower return air outlet can also be used, and the installation method is similar to that of the rear return air outlet. The air supply pipe is a rectangular air pipe, which is connected with the air outlet of the indoor unit. At least one of the air outlets is kept open. The connection between air supply outlet and air supply pipe, air return outlet and air return pipe shall be connected with canvas (canvas with insulation effect shall be selected). When there is static pressure and low noise requirements, a static pressure box shall be connected between the air supply outlet and air supply pipe, and the size of the air inlet of the static pressure box shall be the same as that of the air supply outlet. The plenum and the air supply outlet are connected by canvas.

I hope the introduction of myt can help you to understand the relevant knowledge of rectangular duct machine installation. With its high quality and high efficiency, MYT rectangular duct machine has a good reputation in the market and is very popular with consumers. It is a product worthy of trust and use. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China