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Inspection Standard for Auto Duct Production Line 2

First, let's take a look at what a complete air duct production line should do.

The first is the material selection and blanking function; then: compaction, leveling function; punching and grooving function; cutting function; transmission function; bite function; TDF flange forming; and bending forming. The duct production line can basically be defined as the entire process of duct forming is done by one or more machines. The entire process does not require anyone to participate.


Because the ventilation pipe production line has become an indispensable product in many industries, it is a very important question whether the quality of the second-line air duct production is qualified. What kind of inspection standards do we have?


1. It is required to have enough airtight pipe joints. All the welded joints of the pure system's air ducts, fittings, parts and elegant and elegant must be very strict; the inner surface of the pure air duct is required to be smooth, and the joint is prohibited. And a reinforcement device inside the tube.

2. The air duct bite, must be tight, uniform width, no holes, half bite and expansion cracks and other defects. Straight longitudinal seam staggered angle; duct appearance, flat, round uniform, parallel to two planes, no obvious warp angle, convex surface not more than 10mm; air duct and flange fixed connection, flange is basically flat, close to flange width no less than 6mm.

3. It is necessary to ensure that the welding of the various components in the process of welding is firm, no screw holes are provided at the welded joints, and there is no damage on the surface of the composite steel duct. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China