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How to Maintain and Maintain the High-Power Control System of CNC Machine Tools ?

Control machine tool electrical control system In addition to CNC assembly (including spindle drive and feed drive servo system), it also includes machine tool strong control system. Machine tool strong electricity control system is mainly composed of the general exchange electric drive and the machine tool electrical logic control assembly PLC and control panel and other departments. Here is a brief introduction to the protection and nursed back of the conventional relay damper control system and PLC programmable controller in the machine's strong electric control system.

Protection and nursed back of PLC programmable controller

The PLC programmable controller is also the tight electrical control department on the CNC machine. The high-power control system of CNC machine tools, in addition to the help of the machine tool and the help of action control, also includes the control of the shelter switch, various types of distance and limit switches. In the above process, the PLC programmable controller can replace the large-scale machine tool electrical appliances in the high-power control system on the CNC machine tool, thus completing the logic control of the spindle, tool change, smoothing, cooling, hydraulic, pneumatic and other systems. When the PLC programmable controller is integrated with the CNC package, it forms a built-in PLC, and when it is outside the CNC assembly, it constitutes a self-operated PLC. Because the layout of PLC is similar to that of CNC assembly, its protection and nursed back can refer to the protection and nursed back of CNC assembly.

Protection and nursed back to the system of ordinary relay snoring

In addition to the CNC system, CNC machine tools have an ordinary relay smashing control system for economical CNC machine tools. The protection and care of the matter, it is important to adopt the pace to prevent the strong electromagnetic nuisance of the snoring device and relay in the power cabinet. Electromagnetic components such as snorkels and relays in the power cabinets of CNC machine tools are the source of nuisance for the CNC system. Because of the exchange of the snoring device, when the frequency of the switch is started and contained, the electromagnetic sensation will cause noise such as spikes or surges in the control system of the CNC system to disturb the abnormality of the system. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the pace of these electromagnetic nuisances and remove them. For example, if the exchange snoring coil is used, the RC collection is performed in parallel with the three-phase output of the two ends or the switch to press the nuisance noise generated by these appliances. In addition, it is necessary to carefully guard against the smashing of the snoring device, the relay contacts, and the poor snoring of the contacts. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China