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General Knowledge of Spiral Tube Shaper

The correct installation and use of spiral tube shaper can save energy and reduce installation cost. In order to save labor and materials, the construction company of the spiral tube shaper should be able to calculate the spiral air tubes of each specification, and pay attention to subtracting other tube length, such as three-way pipe, air valve and elbow, when calculating the length of the air tube.

There are many different ways to install the spiral air duct. When ordering, you must first decide which way to connect and then decide the actual purchase. The specific connection methods are flange connection and socket connection. For installation with flange connection method, the pipe of spiral air duct and accessories shall be the same size. The size of fittings required for socket connection is smaller than that of spiral air duct, so we can calculate each specification of air duct, and each spiral air duct with exact length can be installed without cutting length. The basic requirements are that there are enough joints of the spiral air duct. The air duct fittings, components and all welding joints of the pure system must be very tight. The internal surface of the pure spiral air duct shall be smooth. It is forbidden to have joint and reinforcement devices inside the tube.

The distance between tube flange, flange bolt and rivet hole of spiral tube production line shall not be greater than millimetre as specified in the standard. Screw holes welded by spiral air duct company have obvious compatibility. The spiral air duct must be tightened to be uniform in width and free of defects such as hole half bite and expansion crack. The appearance of spiral air duct with straight longitudinal seam staggered angle is relatively flat. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China