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Daily Operation Specifications for Snap Lock Forming Machine

(1) When using the snap lockformer, the hand is strictly prohibited from extending into the gap of the mechanical pressure plate. The upper tool holder is not allowed to place tools and other items. When adjusting the sheet, the foot cannot be placed on the shoe board. Use fixed vibration to cut both hands to Fulin steel plate; the hand should not be less than 5cm from the knife edge.

(2) When locking the plate, the finger should be no less than 5cm away from the roller, and the handle should not be placed on the track of the biting machine, to stabilize the sheet;

(3) When snap lock forming machine is processed, it should cooperate with each other and keep a distance from lock forming machine to avoid being damaged by the inverted steel plate and counterweight.

(4) When operating the lock forming machine, the hand must not directly push the workpiece.

(5) The electric motor should be arranged in the indoor or custom-made work shed to prevent the rain and snow from infiltrating. When using the lock forming machine, check whether the machine is flexible and reliable. It is strictly forbidden to touch the blade and the bottom surface of the presser by hand. If the two cooperate with the cutting, they must coordinate with each other. The switch can only be pressed if the agreement is met.

(6) When cutting with a profile, first check whether the protective leather is reliable and the silver plate is operating normally. When cutting, the profile should be quasi-fixed and then the saw blade should be pressed down, and the force should be even and moderate. When using a drill press, the glove operation is not allowed.

(7) When oiling the aluminum plate with toxic solvents such as carbon tetrachloride, it should be plugged in the ear. If it is indoors, the door and window should be opened to adopt mechanical ventilation.

(8) Fire-fighting equipment or other fire-fighting equipment must be provided at the worksite.

(9) Strictly according to the project construction organization design water, electricity, pass and super-scratch and waste phenomenon. The site pipeline layout should be reasonable, and should not be randomly used indiscriminately, and special person should manage the water and electricity on site. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China