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CNC Punching Machine

High-tech DT and DE series of MYT new turret punch presses are produced as a closed type rigit steel construction into a rigit structure, the finite analysis system was used in the design and simulation process to allow minimum deflection during operation. No deflection between the turret and tools occurs during the punching process and it increases tool life. 

CNC Punching Machine For Sale

CNC Servo Turret Punching Machine
The punching force of D-ES300 series is coming from the main servo motor, which transmitted the force by a directly driven connection rod, this transmitting structure retains the advantage of mechanical driving TPP.
Mechanical Turret Punching Machine
Equipment Technical Indicators of Punching Machine M-T50NO.NameUnitSpecification1Press CapacityKN5002Frame ConstructionO-Frame (600mm)3Crossbeam Lengthmm40004Transverse Slider Distancemm13005Longitudi...

Types of Puncher Machine

The main transmission of the DE series adopts direct drive servo motor, which retains the advantage of a simple and reliable structure as mechanical transmission, at the same time, DE series servo transmission has a better performance than DT series mechanical transmission. The turret punching machine has the characteristics of high-efficiency, energy-saving, low-noise, high-accuracy, and can realize much processing like cutting, forming, rolling, lettering, and so on.

How do Punching Machines Work

The working principle of the CNC punching machine is similar to that of a paper drill. The punch presses the paper on the drilling table and finally enters a circular opening. Scrap metal from the perforation accumulates in the well-drilling container. Punching works in exactly the same way: place the sheet between the punch and the base.


The workpiece has been programmed and the length of the bar is entered, and the controller automatically calculates the maximum number of pieces that can be punched. Once the required number of workpieces is entered, the rod will be pushed towards the stop. Once the production process starts, the punch is fully automated.


Then the third axis of CNC always accurately moves the cylinder on the tool, minimizing the wear of the bearing and the tool. All fragments are conveyed by the slat conveyor and pushed laterally on the workbench. Any waste is transported to the end of the conveyor and falls into the container. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China