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Advantages of Flexible Duct Making Machine

Advantages of flexible duct making machine:

1. Safe, reliable and well sealed:

The new connector is high-pressure and high-temperature resistant, suitable for a variety of systems, including high-temperature and high-pressure industrial pipelines. The pressure on the seal ring is much lower than its elastic limit and far lower than the flange gasket.

2. Vibration resistance, impact resistance and noise reduction:

This kind of connector changes the traditional rigid connection into flexible connection, so that the pipe system is in the state of impact  resistance, vibration resistance and noise reduction.

3. Be able to reduce the weight of pipe system:

about 75% less than that of flange.

4. Be able to save pipeline space:

tightening the bolts of flexible tuber, whose ways of installation and disassembly need no full-scale flange construction, so the pipeline layout and construction space can be saved up to 50%.

5. Good compatibility and adaptability:

The connector is widely used in all kinds of metal pipes and composite pipes. It can be used not only in connection between the pipes of same material, but also between pipes of different materials. There is no too high processing requirements for the wall thickness of the pipes to be connected and the connecting end face.

6. Convenient and quick installation:

During the complex field construction, the connector itself does not need to be assembled, and the connected pipeline does not need to be adjusted and processed. During the installation, only the torque wrench is required to tighten the bolts from one side according to the specified torque, so the operation is particularly simple.

According to the complex working conditions on site, MYT can make the flexible duct making machine and pipeline repairer have good correction and compensation functions for various situations, which greatly improves the convenience of construction. The pipeline can be connected without treatment, and the pipes with thin wall and thick wall can both be used. The installation is simple and the construction cost is greatly reduced. 

We have many years of service experience in pipeline connection under different working conditions. We can provide guidance in the use process, and have special personnel to maintain, so that you can quickly complete the pipeline construction. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China