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2D CNC Wire Bending Machine Equipment Overview

The CNC-480 2D wire bending machine produced by MYT(Shanghai) Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a 2D CNC bending machine, which can realize the forming of various wire shapes of different specifications. The movement of the machine head is controlled by a servo motor, which greatly increases the speed of the machine head while ensuring the processing accuracy, and effectively improves the production efficiency. The distance between the wire entry station and the bending head is adjustable. Therefore, it can handle the important winding process when the wire diameter is small, and it can also complete the bending work that requires a large space.

The special feature of 2D CNC bending machine: the inner mold and the outer mold can be rotated, and the key parts are imported products. It has fast wire feeding, high precision, large memory capacity, high product flatness, simple operation and easy learning, suitable for iron wire and steel wire , Stainless steel wire and non-ferrous metal wire (round, square and flat wire), punched (bent) square, round, hexagon, ellipse and various irregular shapes of flat wire shapes.

The equipment has the memory storage function, which can save the processing program. When reprocessing, only need to directly call the program to complete the wire forming process. The computer wire forming machine replaces the traditional manual mold production line. The machine has the characteristics of stable forming, fast production speed, simple debugging, and fully automatic production. It is widely used in industries such as auto parts, supermarket shelves, kitchen appliances, wire crafts, etc.

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Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China